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Video shows gunman break into family's home and fire shot into bedroom

Jessica McCoss and her family are just trying to go to sleep at night while still feeling safe in their home.

Around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, a gunman shot into a back door and bedroom of their home off Gate City Boulevard, before walking inside.

Their security cameras captured the entire incident on camera.

"He's trying to either break the handle or knock on the door really hard," said McCoss as she replayed the security camera footage.

The video shows a man standing at the back door, looking inside the home for several minutes before banging on the glass door.

That's when McCoss's husband walked out of their bedroom and looked out the back door.

"That's where he saw me and I saw the gun," he said.

McCoss said he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun before running back into the bedroom where his wife was on the phone with police.

The man, still at the back door, then fires several shots into the home, including their bedroom and back door, shattering the glass.

McCoss said the man walked in and fired another shot into their bedroom before the gun appeared to jam and he walked out.

Jessica nor her husband were hurt.

Their son who was asleep in the bedroom across the hall slept through the entire incident.

"I don't know if I should sleep in my living room, put my whole family into one room. I don't know if this guy will come back and come to our bedroom window and just - I don't know. I'm frightened for myself and my family," Jessica said.

The couple showed us the damage left behind, including the bullet holes in the wall above their bed.

Jessica and her husband said they are afraid to go to sleep, fearing the person may come back.

Both said they did not know the gunman or anyone who may have done something like this.

They want others in the community to be aware, in hopes of figuring out who the person was.

"I am extremely frightened. I feel violated. I feel scared. I'm sorry if I get emotional, but it's terrifying to know that you don't feel safe in your home," said Jessica.

The McCosses are taking other precautions to secure their home while also finding the means to pay for the repairs.

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