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Video shows thieves ransacking GameStop stores in Southern California

A group of thieves remains at large ransacking GameStop stores across Southern California.

The thieves are allegedly responsible for eight different armed robberies targeting the video game retailer, police said. The robberies all took place within a week.

A $5,000 reward is being offered by the company for the suspects’ capture.

Officials say the thieves pose as customers before pulling off a coordinated heist typically involving weapons and physical assault.

Security cameras captured the suspects striking an Arleta store on Monday night while wearing facemasks and hoodies.

As an employee heads to a back room, the suspects are seen charging toward the employee and pushing their way inside.

Moments later, they’re seen carrying expensive video game merchandise out of the room as they sprint out of the store.

“Unfortunately, last night, we had an armed robbery where we had three suspects come into the store and strongarm our employees and take some product out of our store by force,” said Alan Fagergreen, Director of Loss Prevention at GameStop.

The recent spike in violent store robberies has left the retailer’s employees on edge.

“It’s a really scary situation in retail,” said Fagergreen. “It’s unfortunate and something that we never want to go through and the safety of our employees is the number one priority.”

Other stores targeted by the suspects include locations in East Los Angeles, San Pedro, Pasadena, El Monte and Chino.

GameStop has posted images of the suspects at retail locations while offering a $5,000 reward for their arrest and conviction.

One suspect has a distinct tattoo of a skeleton on the back of their hand, officials said.

“We’re asking for the public’s help,” said Fagergreen. “If they know of anyone or any information about these robberies, we’d love to have tips come in and we’re offering a reward.”

Officials believe it may not be the same individuals striking each time, but they believe the crimes are definitely connected.

The suspects were also seen using different getaway cars including a white Dodge Charger and a possible black BMW sedan.

The thieves remain at large as multiple law enforcement agencies work toward their identification and arrest.

Anyone with information is urged to call LAPD at 818-838-9800.


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