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2 Northern California men arrested in robbery of group followed from Hollywood strip club

Witnesses say "This is terrible that it's "normal" in Los Angeles now!

Two Northern California men have been arrested for allegedly following a group from a Hollywood area strip club and robbing them at a gas station last month.

However, four other suspects that were involved in this robbery are still on the loose.

Michael Isiah Moore, 27, of Fairfield, and Amough Keyana Bonton, 21, of Sacramento, were arrested Monday in connection with the July 6 robbery. A search warrant served at a Hollywood apartment connected to the two men turned up two handguns and thousands of dollars in cash.

According to the LAPD, three men left the Crazy Girls adult entertainment club in Hollywood at about 4:10 a.m. and stopped at a gas station in the 7800 block of Melrose Avenue. That's when half a dozen people emerged from two vehicles in the alley behind the gas station and swarmed the three men. Two of the suspects pointed handguns at the trio, before taking their jewelry, money, and phones.

"Unfortunately, I'm not surprised but it is shocking to hear and I'm just used to it pretty much everywhere in LA," Grade Chapman told CBSLA Reporter Kandiss Crone on Thursday.

Since the robbery, LAPD detectives determined the three men had been followed from the strip club by people who had also been there at the same time. Moore was identified as one of the gunmen and Bonton is believed to be one of the suspects, police said.

"It's scary, especially as a woman in the city to be followed anywhere and be robbed or attacked in anyway that's terrifying. The fact that it happened right here, this is where I get my gas so it's terrible," Marcella Angone said.

Both Moore and Bonton were out on bail for gun charges at the time of their arrests, according to the LAPD. Moore's bail has been set at $230,000, while Bonton is being held on $175,000. A court date for either man has not yet been set, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

Detectives believe Moore and Bonton may have been involved in other robberies, and are still working to identify the others involved in the July 6 robbery. Anyone with information about them can call LAPD detectives Marsden or Hammer at (213) 486-6840.

"Knowing that they're still out there but there's also violent criminals being let out of prisons everyday so it just doesn't really feel safe," Chapman said. "I do feel like I have to be somewhat vigilant but that's just natural now."


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