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Armed Prowler Spotted in West Hills Neighborhood: Residents Urged to Stay Vigilant

Man with weapon caught on surveillance cam in the San Fernando valley
Armed prowler spotted in San Fernando valley

Residents of West Hills, a normally serene neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, are grappling with heightened anxiety following the sighting of an apparently armed prowler. The unsettling events unfolded late Tuesday night, prompting urgent calls for community vigilance and a swift response from local authorities.

The ordeal began when a resident, Brandon Taylor, noticed a man exhibiting suspicious behavior near Valley Circle and Stag Street. Taylor recounted seeing the individual peering through windows and attempting to access vehicles and property gates. "He was looking through their windows and trying to get into their gate. And then he just walked through to the next neighbor's yard," Taylor reported. The prowler's audacity did not end there; Taylor later observed him hopping fences, moving from one property to another with seeming ease.

Disturbingly, surveillance footage captured by doorbell cameras in the area confirmed Taylor's observations. The videos clearly depict the man, who appears to be armed with a handgun, roaming through residential properties, peering into homes, and testing the security of parked cars. The sight of an armed individual in their neighborhood has left many residents feeling vulnerable and concerned for their safety.

Taylor’s attempts to alert law enforcement highlight a troubling issue. When he called 911 to report the prowler, he was redirected to a non-emergency number due to the suspect’s transient movement onto public property. Taylor was then put on hold for over 20 minutes, an agonizing wait considering the potential threat. "I didn't see him actually get into a car or anything, but I watched him walk up and he was jiggling the handles, trying to get in and trying gates to people's doors," Taylor explained.

Despite the delay, Taylor’s vigilance did prompt the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to release a bulletin notice. However, by the time officers arrived, the prowler had vanished. Just a few hours later, surveillance cameras once again captured his movements, underscoring the continued risk to the community.

This incident has raised serious questions about response times and the efficiency of emergency services in dealing with potential threats. FOX 11 reached out to the LAPD for comments regarding the prolonged hold times experienced by residents reporting urgent incidents, but as of this writing, no response has been received.

The sighting of an armed prowler in West Hills serves as a stark reminder of the importance of community vigilance and preparedness. Residents are urged to keep their properties secure, stay alert for any suspicious activities, and report them promptly to the authorities. In the face of such unsettling events, the community’s collective awareness and proactive measures remain crucial to ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Source: Fox LA


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