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Armed robbery victim struck by suspect’s vehicle in West Hollywood

A man was robbed at gunpoint in a West Hollywood parking lot Friday morning and struck by the suspect’s vehicle in an incident that was captured on video.

The robbery occurred around 9 a.m. at 9030 W. Sunset Blvd., according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Surveillance video shows a man stepping out of a white Tesla when a sedan, described as gray, four-door Infiniti, parks nearby. The driver of the sedan gets out of the vehicle, charges at the man with what appears to be a gun and pulls the victim to the ground.

The victim gets up and runs away with the suspect behind him. The video shows a second person getting out of the Infiniti and also running toward the victim.

Video from the front of the lot shows the victim being struck by the sedan, sending the pedestrian over the windshield and then onto the ground.

The man gets back up and tries to flee, but the driver gets out of the car and chases him.

The man falls to the ground again as the suspect approaches him, and the two struggle, apparently for a gold ring, before the assailant gets away, the video shows. The driver was last seen headed east on Sunset Boulevard.

The victim was taken to a hospital, but he is now in stable condition, and a gun belonging to the suspect was found at the scene, authorities said.

The robbery and crash were apparently witnessed by many people in the area.

A parking attendant told KTLA he wanted to help, but was afraid because the suspect had a gun.

“It was scary,” the attendant said. “I was trying to help, do something, but it was kind of not very safe to go between them.”

It is unknown if the victim was targeted, but the victim and thieves did not know each other, according to officials.

Witnesses who know the victim told KTLA he often parks his car in the lot. They said he is a real estate agent and a new father.

Anyone with additional information about the incident is asked to call Detective Chappell at 310-855-8850.


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