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Capitol Police Dropped The Ball, Failed To Monitor Pelosi Home

The U.S. Capitol Police were apparently asleep at the wheel in monitoring security cameras at Paul and Nancy Pelosi's family home in San Francisco during the savage home invasion that nearly killed her husband... this according to a new report.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday D.C.-based Capitol Police officers in a command center failed to see live images of David DePape allegedly smashing his way inside the Pelosi townhouse 3,000 miles away. The command center has 1,800 cameras watching the Capitol Complex and areas beyond, including the Pelosi townhouse.

Shortly after the break-in, one of the Capitol officers noticed on the security cameras police lights flashing outside the Pelosi residence.

The officer went back and reviewed footage from minutes before, spotting DePape smashing the glass panel with the hammer before entering the Speaker’s home, according to WaPo.

The reported security lapse comes as DePape was arraigned Tuesday on charges of attempted murder and several other felonies. DePape has also been charged federally with attempted kidnapping of a government official (Nancy Pelosi).

As we reported, DePape told the FBI that he planned to shatter Nancy Pelosi's kneecaps because he saw her as a liar. He allegedly brought zip ties, tape and rope with him to apparently tie her up. The Speaker was safe in D.C. at the time of the attack.

But her husband, Paul, was asleep in bed when DePape broke in. Paul was able to make a surreptitious phone call to 911 and speak in code, alerting the operator that something was wrong.

The operator quickly dispatched police, who arrived at the Pelosi residence within minutes. In front of the officers, DePape allegedly clubbed Paul in the head with the hammer, fracturing his skull. Police tackled DePape and took him into custody. DePape is currently being held without bail. Paul is still in the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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