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Elderly California woman is dragged by purse-snatcher in broad daylight

Shocking video out of Southern California shows the moment a woman was dragged on the ground by a man attempting to snatch her purse from her.

The incident happened Monday afternoon in Los Angeles' Hacienda Heights neighborhood when a man grabbed the victim's bag and began pulling.

Video shows the man violently dragging the woman several feet across a parking lot outside a Bank of America as bystanders rush in to help the woman.

'It's scary to see that,' said Jose Rafoya, a local resident. 'It might be your aunt, your grandma. I come here with my wife, my little kid and you never know.'

Police say the woman sustained only minor injuries in the incident. The unidentified suspect managed to get away and has not been arrested.

The sickening robbery occurred at the corner of Azusa Avenue and Pepper Brook Way Monday around 11.30am, police said.

The woman is dragged for at least five seconds on camera and an unknown length off-camera before the thief is finally able to grab the woman's bag.

At one point while the woman is still holding on to her purse, the man yanks so hard that the woman is lifted off the ground.

The victim's head hits the hard pavement as the suspect continues to pull.

The video shows two men rushing in to assist the woman and chase after the suspect who is caught fleeing in the opposite direction after jacking the purse.

As one man quickly runs after the suspect, a third person enters the frame and hangs back to check on the woman who is still laying on the ground.

The suspect managed to escape the scene with the woman's purse.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told local outlets they are using the video in hopes of tracking down the attacker.


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