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Enhance Your Home Security with Panic Room Builders in the Wake of Recent Break-Ins

Suspects on Surveillance Cam
Suspects on Surveillance Cam

In the wake of a recent string of break-ins that have left residents in a Pico-Robertson neighborhood on edge, the importance of home security has taken center stage. The repeated incidents have shattered the residents' sense of safety, leading many to seek alternative measures to protect their homes and loved ones. In this blog post, we explore the impact of these break-ins and introduce a reliable solution – panic rooms by Panic Room Builders – to help residents regain control and ensure their peace of mind.

The Disturbing Trend

The 800 block of Wooster Street has become a hotspot for criminal activities, as surveillance cameras captured suspects brazenly breaking into a condo complex. The culprits not only attempted to gain entry through the front door but also ventured into the underground parking garage, targeting residents' vehicles. The sense of vulnerability has left residents like Kayla Lebo feeling helpless and resorting to carrying pepper spray and a taser for personal protection.

Residents Speak Out

Kayla Lebo's experience of calling 911 three times in just five days reflects the escalating concern among residents. Lisa Salvatore, another resident, emphasized the frustration, stating, "They know they're being recorded. They don't care because they know they're not going to get into trouble." Isaac Krupp, a victim of a similar break-in, described the perpetrator casually roaming around his garage for 45 minutes before breaking into his wife's car.

Fear of Escalation

The fear among residents is palpable, with concerns that if the culprits aren't caught soon, the incidents could escalate. Lisa Salvatore highlighted the potential danger, stating, "Imagine if these people come back and before they didn't hurt us, but this time they come to the condos and break into some of our homes. That's what I'm most scared about."

Taking Control with Panic Rooms

In response to the rising anxiety and the perceived inadequacy of traditional security measures, Panic Room Builders offers a robust solution. Panic rooms provide a secure, fortified space within your home where you and your loved ones can find refuge in case of an emergency. Equipped with advanced security features, panic rooms ensure that you have a safe haven during a break-in or any other threatening situation.

Why Choose Panic Room Builders

1. Customization: Panic Room Builders offers tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs and preferences.

2. Cutting-edge Security Features: Our panic rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring maximum protection.

3. Professional Installation: Our team of experts ensures a seamless and secure installation process, providing you with peace of mind.

4. Quick Access: In the event of an emergency, panic rooms by Panic Room Builders provide quick and easy access, allowing you to respond swiftly to potential threats.


The recent wave of break-ins in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood serves as a wake-up call for residents to take their security seriously. Panic rooms offer a proactive and reliable solution to combat the rising threats and uncertainties. By investing in a panic room by Panic Room Builders, you can reclaim control over your safety and protect what matters most – your family and your home. Don't wait until it's too late – fortify your home and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Source: KTLA


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