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Family beaten, robbed in home invasion

Police are searching for three gun-toting criminals who held a Point Fortin family under siege in a home invasion on Tuesday night.

The three family members handed over at gunpoint two cell phones and a small amount of jewellery they had kept in their home.

A police report said at around 10.10 p.m. the victims–two women aged 28 and 54, and a man aged 30—were in their home at Southern Main Road when they heard a noise at their front door.

When they checked the door, three men–two with firearms–had stormed into the house.

Two of the intruders pointed their firearms at the family and announced a robbery.

The victims were forced into a bedroom, where the criminals kicked the male victim as they demanded money.

The family handed over a quantity of jewellery, and two cell phones. The thieves escaped with the loot in a black car, police were told.

The family raised an alarm in their neighbourhood and a report was made to the police emergency number.

An all-points bulletin was issued for the vehicle and searches were made but no one was arrested.

Officers of the Point Fortin CID interviewed the victims and took them to the Point Fortin hospital for medical checks.

WPC Williams is continuing investigations.


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