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Flash mob robbers ransack luxury clothing store in Los Angeles

A group of thieves remains at large after ransacking a luxury retail store in Hancock Park Tuesday night in a flash mob-style robbery.

The thieves targeted denim retailer Ksubi located at 132 S. La Brea Ave. around 6:55 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Around 11 masked men entered the luxury clothing store right before closing time and ransacked the shop.

The suspects swarmed the shop and began quickly grabbing clothing from store shelves and display racks. A pair of Ksubi jeans are priced anywhere from $190 to $280 a pair with other clothing items priced even higher.

Two security guards attempted to stop the mass theft, but were unable to overtake the thieves, authorities said.

At one point, one suspect reportedly hinted at possessing a handgun in his pocket to encourage the guards to step away, police said.

The suspects fled the store in at least two getaway cars, described as a tan-colored BMW and a silver-colored Lexus. The vehicles headed in opposite directions before police could arrive.

The thieves escaped with an estimated $100,000 worth of goods.

Some pieces of stolen clothing were later discovered in a back alleyway behind the business and were returned to the store.

This latest robbery marks a string of flash mob-style robberies taking place across Southern California over the past two weeks.


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