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Goldie Hawn's Los Angeles Nightmare: A Series of Break-Ins Prompting a Big Decision

Goldie Hawn considering moving out of LA after robbery headline
Goldie Hawn considering moving out of LA after robbery

Hollywood's golden star, Goldie Hawn, is contemplating a significant life change after enduring a series of harrowing home break-ins in Los Angeles. The beloved actress, known for her sparkling career and joyful demeanor, has found herself at the center of a frightening crime wave that has left her and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, questioning their future in the city.

Hawn, 78, opened up about these traumatic experiences during an appearance on the SiriusXM podcast "Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa." The first incident occurred while Hawn and Russell were enjoying a quiet dinner out. In the span of just two hours and twenty minutes, their home was violated by sophisticated thieves who managed to bypass their security measures and make off with valuable possessions. Hawn described the moment of realization with palpable emotion: "They had broken in from the balcony to our bedroom, our closets... And they completely knocked down my door, which is a safe door."

Despite the violation, Hawn tried to move forward, hoping it was an isolated incident. However, her hopes were shattered just four months later when she was home alone with her dog. A loud, mysterious noise from upstairs jolted her into a state of alarm. "I hear this big thump upstairs — and I was alone; Kurt wasn't there — and I went, 'What the hell was that?'" she recounted. The next day, evidence revealed that the intruders had attempted to break into her bedroom while she was inside the house.

These experiences have shaken Hawn's sense of safety and security in Los Angeles, prompting her to consider relocating. During the podcast, she mused about moving to a safer location, potentially Palm Desert, expressing a longing for peace of mind that LA no longer provides. "What if we couldn't live in LA, where would we live? We both decided, I think it's Palm Desert. … It's so safe," she shared wistfully.

The rising crime rates in Los Angeles are a concern for many residents. Recent statistics from the Los Angeles Police Department show a 3.5% increase in property crimes, reflecting a growing unease among the city's inhabitants. Despite efforts by Mayor Karen Bass to address public safety and bolster police resources, many Angelenos, including high-profile figures like Hawn, continue to feel vulnerable.

In response to these incidents, Hawn has taken steps to enhance her personal security, including employing a guard, especially when she is alone. "I'm never without a guard. We have a nice relationship with our guard," she mentioned, highlighting the new normal for her daily life.

Hawn and Russell's love story is one of Hollywood's most enduring, having first met in 1966 and starting their romance in 1983. The couple, who celebrated 41 years together this past Valentine's Day, now face the challenge of navigating their golden years amidst a backdrop of rising crime and uncertainty.

As they consider their options, Hawn's story serves as a stark reminder of the changing dynamics in once-glamorous Los Angeles, urging many to rethink their definitions of safety and community.

Source: Fox LA


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