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‘He didn’t have any regard for life’: Victim recounts Olive Branch home invasion

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A victim of a home invasion in Olive Branch is praising police response after he says the suspect held him at gunpoint for several minutes and threatened his mother’s life.

New images obtained by WREG appear to show alleged armed robber Bryan Parker now linked to at least five home invasions in DeSoto County casing an Olive Branch neighborhood, leading him to a home on Dunn Lane around 8 a.m.

Bryan Callahan said Parker came through the unlocked door while his mother was upstairs and demanded his wallet, phone, and car keys.

“He came through my backdoor, just walked in. He had a firearm,” Callahan said. “He said well find your wallet in five seconds or she’s next as he was holding a gun to my face.”

Callahan said Parker was on edge. He couldn’t find his wallet but quickly handed over his two iPhones and the keys to his BMW convertible to de-escalate the situation.

“He didn’t have any regard for life that was clear in his eyes he was desperate,” he said.

Police said Parker, who has an extensive criminal history, headed to Southaven and broke into more homes after stealing the car.

Eventually, he barricaded himself inside a house causing a lockdown in the area of Church and Getwell before surrendering following a conversation with crisis negotiators.

“It makes you feel very vulnerable to realize the fact that this could happen to literally anybody,” said Tracy Delghingaro who said the suspect also tried to break into her home.

Callahan said officers were able to track his phones which helped him get his car back within hours. He’s thankful things weren’t worse.

“I’m just happy there were no children involved,” he said.

Police said between Olive Branch and Southaven, Parker is facing at least 8 felonies with more charges expected to be filed.


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