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Homeless Man Refuses To Leave Los Angeles Woman’s Front Porch

A woman is fearing for her safety after a homeless man has refused to leave from her front porch on multiple occasions.

Shacola Thompson told ABC7 the man had been spotted at her Van Nuys home approximately ten times this month. She said the reoccurrence started after spotting graffiti on her wall when she returned from a trip and checked her doorbell camera. Since then, the man has refused to leave her home even though she’s called the police to have him removed. On Thursday, she called the police twice after the stranger attempted to break into her home.

“He came to my house yesterday morning and tried to break in!,” she explained to the outlet. Police also asked her if she knew the man after he reportedly told them he lived at the residence.

“He told the police yesterday that he lives here, and he does not live here. I do not know him. I do not know this man.”

Thompson says she has more concerns about her safety now that police officers are involved and believes the man will become more violent since he was removed by handcuffs.

“I just feel like they’re not taking this serious. They’re not taking my safety seriously. I live here. I’m alone. He could come in. He could harm me,” she said. “He could bogart his way into my house. It’s not fair.”

Thompson’s situation went viral on social media as users offered different solutions to her issue.


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