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Homeowner Shoots Attempted Burglar in Valley Village, LAPD Reports

Homeowner shoots intruder in Valley Village chopper footage still image
Homeowner shoots intruder in Valley Village

A quiet neighborhood in Valley Village was shaken on Monday afternoon as a homeowner confronted and shot an attempted burglar, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

The incident unfolded on Addison Street near Colfax Avenue when three masked men attempted to break into a residence. The homeowner, who was present at the time, responded swiftly by firing his weapon, injuring one of the would-be intruders. The other two suspects fled the scene.

According to LAPD spokesperson, the injured suspect, a man in his mid-20s, was found conscious and breathing when officers arrived. He was subsequently taken to a local hospital for treatment. His condition remains undisclosed, but he is expected to survive.

Neighbors expressed their shock and concern over the incident, which disrupted the usually peaceful ambiance of the community. "We heard the shots and immediately called the police. It's scary to think this could happen in our neighborhood," said one resident who wished to remain anonymous.

The LAPD has initiated an investigation into the attempted burglary and the subsequent shooting. Authorities are currently searching for the two suspects who escaped. They have urged anyone with information about the incident or the whereabouts of the suspects to come forward.

As the investigation continues, questions arise about the circumstances leading up to the shooting and the motives of the attempted burglars. While the homeowner's actions were in defense of his property, the incident has reignited discussions about home security and self-defense laws in California.

This Valley Village incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness in protecting one’s home. Residents are encouraged to review their security measures and stay informed about local safety resources.

Source: NBC LA


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