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Kentucky Politician's Daughter Shot and Killed During Home Invasion at Family's Mansion

A Kentucky lawyer was killed inside her father's mansion Tuesday, and police are looking into whether a bunker in the palatial estate was the motivation behind the attack.

Kentucky State Police said Jordan Morgan, 32, was fatally shot after 23-year-old Shannon Gilday broke into her father's Richmond home about 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Gilday then allegedly exchanged gunfire with her father, former state lawmaker C. Wesley Morgan.

Police said Wesley Morgan was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Gilday allegedly fled the scene wearing camouflage or tactical style pants and jacket, a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt, gloves and a light-colored face mask. He drove off in a white 2016 Toyota Corolla.

Police said he was seen on surveillance walking around the property.

"We can see him walking around the exterior of the residence," Kentucky State Police Sgt. Robert Purdy told PEOPLE. "Exactly what he was looking for unfortunately, until we are able to locate him and ask him, it would be purely speculation on why or what he was looking for."

The $6.5 million estate where the shooting occurred is in a rural part of Madison County near Lexington and is equipped with a $3 million nuclear, biological, chemical fallout bunker, according to

Purdy said investigators were looking into whether the Morgan's were targeted because of the bunker.

"The bunker was no secret at the home," he said. "We are not necessarily at a point to narrow down exactly what the motive is. In law enforcement, we have to work with exact things that we can prove. And, unfortunately it would be premature for someone in law enforcement to say this is the motive. Could it be a potential motive? Absolutely. Is it something we are looking into? 100 percent."

According to the realtor's website, the bunker is built to withstand a seismic 12 earthquake and has three air filtrations from Switzerland, two escape tunnels — one of which is approximately 100 yards long.

"Based on the initial investigation, it is not apparent that Gilday knew anyone inside the immediate family," Purdy said. "Gilday is not from the area. We don't believe he had any connections to Madison County."

Investigators received a credible tip on Tuesday night that ultimately led to Gilday as a suspect.

"In a lot of investigations, we ask that the public if they see something to say something," Purdy said. "This is a prime example. Many of our investigations are solved by someone in the public who has information that has seen something suspicious and contacted us. Without a responsible member of the community calling we wouldn't be where we are today."

Gilday is wanted on a warrant for murder, first degree burglary, first degree criminal mischief, first degree assault and two counts of attempted murder.

"We don't know where he is," Purdy said. "That is why we have asked the public across Kentucky and even the surrounding states to keep their eyes open to be vigilante and look for the vehicle and to report any potential sightings to law enforcement."

"We just want everybody to know regardless of where you are and what state you live in keep an eye out for this vehicle," he said. "With everybody's eyes and ears, hopefully we can bring some closure and start answering some questions."

Police said Gilday may have been injured during the exchange with the homeowner.

"Not only do we want to find him to keep the public safe and make the arrest, but also if he needs some kind of medical attention we can make arrangements to get that provided as well," he said.

Jordan Morgan previously worked as a deputy press secretary in former Gov. Matt Bevin's office. She also worked as an assistant commonwealth's attorney in Boone and Gallatin counties.

She recently joined the Reminger law office in Lexington.

"Ms. Morgan was employed at Reminger for one week. She was a pleasant colleague and a promising attorney," the firm said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. "We are shocked and saddened at the circumstances surrounding her unfortunate death."

Lisa Foster, the mother of Jordan, told the Lexington Herald-Leader that her daughter was "absolutely a wonderful person and the smartest person I ever knew," she said. "She was always doing for other people, so selfless, funny and like a breath of fresh air to be around."


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