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Off-duty Marines beaten by crowd in San Clemente, CA

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a fight recorded on video last week showing two Marines being beaten by a crowd at the San Clemente Pier.

The video was taken on May 26 and shows several Marines walking away from a crowd of what appears to be primarily teenagers and young adults when someone seems to throw something at one of the Marines.

The Marine then turns and charges into the crowd where he is punched several times.

Later, the video shows two Marines curled up in the fetal position as they are being punched and kicked by several crowd members.

The fight was eventually broken up by some adults.

It is unclear what occurred between the two groups before the video started recording.

San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan said no one was seriously hurt but that the behavior is “absolutely unacceptable.”

The City Council has voted to hire four more deputies to patrol the beach areas.

A sign left near the pier read “SC supports our Marines.”

No arrests have been made.


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