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Robber Shoots Self During Violent Home Invasion; Grandmother, Grandchildren Assaulted

Irving Police said several people broke into an Irving family's home and assaulted a woman and her grandchildren before leaving with cash and jewelry

A woman and her grandchildren are recovering after several armed people forced their way into their Irving home Sunday and assaulted them with weapons before one of the intruders accidentally shot themselves in the foot.

Investigators with the Irving Police Department confirmed they were investigating a robbery home invasion reported at about 3:30 a.m. Sunday where several people reportedly forced their way inside a home after breaking a window with a rock.

Police said a grandmother and her three grandchildren ages 13 to 17 were inside the home at the time and that one of the teens reported being shocked with a stun gun while another was pistol-whipped in the head, requiring several stitches.

The grandmother, who was also pistol-whipped in the head, suffered several broken ribs and said the robbers were heavily armed and demanded money.

The family said the intruders forced everyone into the master bedroom where they said the grandmother was kicked in the face and body.

“They didn't care what age they were. They didn't care if they were kids. Whatever they were, they just beat them with the gun,” said a family member of the victims. “It’s horrible. Puddles of blood from my nephews and my mother in the rooms.”

The grandmother began to plead for their lives and pray out loud with one of the teens. In the middle of the chaos, the woman recalled the moment she knew they would survive -- when one of the armed intruders accidentally shot himself in the foot.

The bullet cracked the tile in the bedroom. The woman said the intruders attempted to wash away the evidence by pouring bottles of bleach throughout the home.

Police said the robbers left with several items, including jewelry and money, and likely had a getaway vehicle. As officers work to identify and track down the group, the family said they may never return home.

“We're not going to be in peace at our homes thinking that they made a threat, and they're going to try to do it,” said a family member of the victims.


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