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Strengthening Community Security: Protecting Beverly Grove Businesses Amidst Recent Break-Ins

Security footage still image by Fox LA
Security footage still image by Fox LA


In the heart of Beverly Grove, a vibrant neighborhood that thrives on its diverse businesses, two local establishments recently faced an unsettling double whammy of burglaries. Chao Krung Thai restaurant and Verve Coffee Roasters fell victim to intruders within a span of less than an hour, leaving the community on edge. The incident sheds light on the importance of proactive security measures for businesses, prompting us to consider innovative solutions such as panic rooms.

The Unfortunate Incidents

Amanda Maneesilasan, the owner of Chao Krung Thai, woke up to a nightmare at 5 a.m. on Tuesday when her family's half-century-old restaurant became the target of a burglary. The situation escalated when, within the same hour, Verve Coffee Roasters on Beverly, just around the corner, also fell prey to an intruder. Both incidents are currently under investigation by local authorities.

Security Breach Details

According to Maneesilasan, the burglar displayed an alarming level of sophistication, using what she referred to as a "ghost key" to attempt entry into her restaurant. The security cameras captured the thief methodically trying multiple keys until one successfully unlocked the entrance. Once inside, the intruder made a direct beeline for the cash register, swiftly yanking it out and making a hasty exit.

Interestingly, Maneesilasan revealed that this was the second break-in within six months, leading her to believe it may be the same individual attempting a repeat offense. In the first incident, the thief managed to snatch the cash register box, causing considerable inconvenience for Maneesilasan, who was on vacation at the time.

The Changing Landscape of Cash Transactions

The burglaries highlight a shift in the way businesses handle transactions, with Maneesilasan noting that restaurants no longer keep substantial amounts of cash due to the prevalence of credit card payments. The thief's haul amounted to less than a couple of hundred dollars, emphasizing the limited financial gain and the disruptive nature of these criminal acts on local businesses.

The Need for Enhanced Security

In light of these incidents, the community must come together to explore effective ways of fortifying local businesses against future break-ins. Panic rooms emerge as a viable and innovative solution, offering a secure space within the establishment where employees can seek refuge during emergencies.


The recent burglaries at Chao Krung Thai restaurant and Verve Coffee Roasters have brought attention to the vulnerability of businesses in Beverly Grove. As the community rallies to support these establishments, it's crucial to consider advanced security measures, such as panic rooms, to safeguard not only property but also the well-being of business owners and employees. By investing in robust security infrastructure, we can foster a safer and more resilient neighborhood for everyone.

Source: Fox LA


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