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Thieves dressed as Amazon worker, security guard pistol-whip California jeweler

Two armed thieves disguised as an Amazon worker and a security guard pistol-whipped a California jewelry store worker before stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, police said.

The robbers raced into Gemma’s Jewelers in Rancho Cucamonga, a suburb of San Bernadino, with guns drawn, according to video obtained by Fox News.

One bandit, dressed as a security guard, struck a worker in the back of the head with his weapon before shoving her to the floor, surveillance footage shows. The victim was later taken to an area hospital, police said.

Meanwhile, the fake Amazon worker kept his gun pointed at another employee and customer, who cowered below the counter as his partner shattered the glass casings and ransacked the jewels.

The two men fled the store with an unspecified loot, but police said they managed to swipe “several thousand dollars worth of stolen jewelry.”

Christopher Lamar, 28; Angel Olvera, 23 and David Goffney, 34, were arrested days later, the San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department said.

Employees who worked at the Target next door told Fox 11 that the robbery has shaken the neighborhood.

“It does make you feel a little unsafe knowing stuff like that is happening,” said Leonardo Franco, who noted the disguises of the thieves and said, “Clearly they planned this.”

“Actually seeing the video, that broke my heart,” coworker Mia Spera said. “Honestly when he got physical with her, that was really sad, because you can threaten someone and not even touch them, but the fact that he actually started hitting her, that was like oh my gosh that’s really sad.”

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