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Violent Burglaries Continue Targeting Studio City Neighborhood

Burglars seen hopping over a backyard fence amid a string of destructive burglaries targeting a Studio City neighborhood.
Burglars seen hopping over a backyard fence amid a string of destructive burglaries targeting a Studio City neighborhood.

Residents of the Laurelwood neighborhood in Studio City are grappling with a series of violent burglaries that have left the community on edge. Over recent weeks, several homes have been ransacked, with thieves making off with valuables worth thousands of dollars.

Gregory Nagy, a local homeowner, shared his unsettling experience: "Last night, a house got broken into. A week ago, my neighbor got broken into. They were so fast, by the time I got out, they were up the hill and gone." Nagy also recounted a recent incident where his daughter thwarted an attempted burglary at a neighboring home. "She looked out the window and saw two individuals huddled down and heard them. She shouted out, ‘Get the hell off my property!’”

Earlier in June, the neighborhood faced another sophisticated burglary. Thieves, posing as construction workers, used Wi-Fi-jamming technology to disable a home's security cameras, allowing them to break in and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, watches, and other valuables.

The impact on the community has been profound. "That happened on my street," said Coralia Lesi, another concerned resident. "Everyone is very concerned. Everyone is on alert. Unfortunately, we do have to take matters into our own hands."

In response to the burglaries, a resident who wished to remain anonymous organized an emergency text thread that now includes over 90 neighbors. This initiative aims to improve communication and vigilance among residents. Additionally, some are considering hiring private security to safeguard their homes.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been actively involved, with officers scheduled to attend an upcoming neighborhood watch meeting to offer advice and strategies for improving security. "We have 50 plus neighbors that are going to be advised by the police department on what we can and cannot do," Nagy said. "What methods and procedures we can take. We see suspicious people and we record them."

Residents have also begun moving their valuables to safer locations, such as bank safe deposit boxes, to protect them from potential theft.

As a temporary measure, volunteers from the LAPD have been patrolling the neighborhood at night to deter further incidents. The neighborhood watch meeting is set to take place on Wednesday, where the community hopes to develop a more robust plan to combat the crime wave.

"Everybody wants to feel safe and secure in their own neighborhood," the anonymous resident emphasized. The sense of solidarity and proactive measures being taken reflect the community's determination to reclaim their peace of mind and protect their homes from further intrusions.

Source: KTLA


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