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77-year-old woman stabbed to death at her home during robbery

Atlanta police have arrested the suspect who allegedly stabbed 77-year-old grandmother Eleanor Bowles to death in her home's garage and then stole her car.

Antonio Brown, 23, was taken into custody and is being questioned in connection to the crime that's "rocking our community," Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens announced at a Monday evening news conference.

It appeared Bowles interrupted the suspect's robbery of her 2021 Lexus RX350 between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to Atlanta Police Lt. Germain Dearlove.

Police said the suspect entered into Bowles' gated community complex on foot. Police said it's not clear how he bypassed the complex's security gate.

Bowles was stabbed multiple times. Her body was discovered by her son when he came home to visit her for the holidays, Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said.

"This is not a way that a family should have to spend their holiday season, mourning and grieving the death of a loved one," Hampton told reporters.

"Our world has been turned upside down and for really no good reason," her son, Michael Bowles, said, according to WSB. "It was a senseless act."

Bowles' stolen car was driven throughout Atlanta and has since been recovered, police said.

Authorities had asked the public to help identify this person of interest who they believed "may have significant information in this investigation."

Atlanta police are searching for this person of interest in the fatal stabbing of 77-year-old Eleanor Bowles

Dickens said a resident spotted Brown and contacted police. The mayor said Brown was arrested less than 24 hours after the person of interest photo was released.


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