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Another south Seattle elderly couple held at gunpoint during violent home invasion

South Seattle residents are still on edge after another elderly Asian couple was held at gunpoint Thursday morning.

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) said a group of five young black male suspects woke up the couple around 5:00 AM, armed with firearms, demanding money.

The SPD acknowledged multiple Asian families have been the targets of home invasion-style takeover robberies and noted Thursday's was believed to be connected.

Since the start of June, officers said the crimes have been especially bad in the 98108, 98118, 98144, and 98178 zip codes.

Seattle police said there have been 14 home invasion attacks and robberies on Asian families but that it isn’t believed to be a hate crime. Detectives believe the same group of three to seven young men are responsible for 14 different incidents since June.

KOMO News spoke with the wife involved in Thursday's robbery.

She said the young men held a gun to her husband's head demanding money.

"They push my husband into the corner and put a gun to his head," the homeowner said. "They kept asking me, where is the money, Where is the money? And I said I don't have any money, I am old and retired."

Another incident that has neighbors on edge included the man who masked robbers tased on the porch of his home in south Seattle.

In surveillance footage, you see two men point a gun at the man and then use a TASER to shock him repeatedly.

The victim's wife told KOMO News off-camera the thieves got away with a gold chain, wallet, and car keys. They believe the suspects had been watching them shop at King Plaza, then followed them to the home about a mile and a half away in Beacon Hill.

Beyond the 14 known cases, SPD said many more cases may have gone unreported. Adding to the urgency of these cases, officers noted that several of them happened during the middle of the day or when families were not home.

According to officers, the suspects usually have been in a group of three to seven people. In many cases, the robbers have accosted victims outside of their homes and forced entry into the victims' residences. Some of the suspects have been seen driving KIA or Hyundai vehicles.

The SPD’s Robbery Unit asks these communities to review their home security systems for any potential video footage that may assist with our ongoing investigations in identifying these suspects.


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