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Armed robbers strike at least 5 food trucks, taco stands in Los Angeles

At least five food trucks and taco stands were robbed at gunpoint in downtown Los Angeles, East Hollywood and Echo Park late Wednesday night.

Robberies were reported between 11:30 p.m. and midnight, including at 9th Street and Broadway in downtown, said Ricardo Antonio of Verdaderos Crazy Tacos.

“My employees were in there and they got robbed at gunpoint. They took out two guns on them and took all the cash and everything and then just took off,” said Antonio, who added that they took at least $600, including an employee’s wallet.

Antonio added that there were a total of four people involved, three robbers and a driver, and the culprits took off in a newer white Honda Civic.

Police believe that these black-clad thieves were the same culprits in all of the robberies.

No injuries have been reported.


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