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Attorney recalls being drugged, robbed by two women in the Hollywood Hills

A local attorney is speaking out about the terrifying night he was drugged and robbed by two women he met at a bar in Beverly Hills.

He says the women drugged him, then ransacked his Holywood Hills home, running off with thousands in cash and jewelry. He also suspects this wasn’t the women’s first time committing a heist like this.

KTLA’s Pedro Rivera speaks to the victim, a local attorney, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The victim says the alleged robbery happened a few months ago on July 25 when he met the two women at a local bar in Beverly Hills.

He’s hoping that by sharing his story, someone will recognize the women involved. He also hopes to prevent something like this from happening to others.

“It’s embarrassing,” says the man. “I feel like a victim, I feel helpless.”

Looking to enjoy a night out, instead, he was faced with a living nightmare.

“I was traumatized to sleep in my own bed because this happened while I was sleeping,” the man said of the alleged drugging.

The victim was out with friends enjoying bars on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills when his friends began chatting with the alleged suspects — two women who go by “Holly” and “Britanni.”

“We had a couple of drinks, we were having fun, we decided to bring the party back to my house,” the man recalls.

His friends eventually left his house around 3 a.m., leaving him alone with the two women. The three of them made their way into his bedroom.

“In hindsight, a lot of things weren’t adding up,” the man said. “They were going into the bathroom, talking for long periods of time. They were just randomly texting at three or four in the morning.”

Then he says the women began feeding him shots of vodka and he eventually passed out.

“The next thing I know, it’s the next day, 15 hours later. I woke up with a massive headache. My body was aching and I realized my house was ransacked,” he recalled.

The women were nowhere to be found, getting away with three Rolex watches and some cash. According to the police report, the women left with over $17,000 of stolen goods.

The suspects are described as two women between 20-30 years old. One woman was about 5 feet 1 inch tall with brown hair and braces. The other woman is around 5 feet 11 inches tall with brown hair, a shoulder tattoo, a tongue ring and eyeglasses.

“Apparently what police told me is the two women are transients or they’re part of a network of individuals who rob people or target people,” the man said.

Although the victim is shaken up, he’s thankful the night didn’t end in a more severe situation.

“They could have done a lot worse things and luckily it’s just material items missing and I have my health,” the man said.

The man’s warning to others? “Be careful who you bring home.”


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