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Camarillo Home Ransacked by Masked Intruders

Intruders breaking glass door
Intruders breaking glass door

A peaceful camping trip turned into a nightmare for a Ventura County family when masked intruders ransacked their home on Butterfield Street in Camarillo. The incident, which unfolded on January 12, 2024, has left the family shaken, their sense of security shattered, and valuable possessions gone.

Surveillance cameras captured the chilling scene as five masked thieves broke into the home, leaving destruction in their wake. The family, who had lived in the community for 18 years without incident, now faces the harsh reality of a violated home and lost cherished keepsakes.

The victim, identified only as Aimee, recounts the heart-wrenching experience, describing the burglars as "thugs" who swiftly trashed her entire home. They took not only cash, jewelry, and electronics but also sentimental items with irreplaceable value, such as her children's baby jewelry and her father's special possessions, all that she had left of him.

In a fortunate twist, Aimee's 20-year-old son, who didn't join the camping trip, arrived home to find the thieves gone. The aftermath, however, is haunting, with Aimee struggling to feel secure in her own home. "So violated and unsafe," she expressed, highlighting the emotional toll this invasion has taken.

Aimee is actively working with the Camarillo Police and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, although the chances of recovering her beloved keepsakes seem slim. Despite the ordeal, she is bravely sharing her story as a warning to fellow homeowners about the potential dangers and emphasizing the need for robust home security measures.

The family encourages anyone with information about the break-in to contact the Camarillo Police Department or the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. Together, let's work towards safer communities and fortified homes to prevent such traumatic experiences.


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