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International crime ring targeting high-end homes in Tri-State

An international crime ring is targeting some of the Tri-State's wealthiest neighborhoods. At least eight of the burglaries are now linked to this same group.

Meaning that a possible burglary ring has made its way to the suburbs of Cincinnati.

The burglars have a pattern that's helping the Amberley Village Police Department, Indian Hill, Hyde Park, and other affluent neighborhoods take precautions.

"I don't think you should be scared. I think you should just be observing. I think you should look at things like your alarm systems updating it," said Amberley Village Police Department Sgt. Tim Schmidtgoessling.

Typically, the burglars drive around the neighborhood the day before they plan to break in.

Most of the suspects are driving rental cars with out-of-state license plates, and they look for side streets, especially dead ends.

"They're all happening at dusk, near late evening hours. They're breaking windows in the rear of the residence. They're stealing high end jewelry [and] high end watches," Schmidtgoessling said.

Sergeant Schmidtgoessling couldn't give an exact figure on the valuables but said the price tag is in the thousands.

To protect yourself, he suggests installing sensors that go off when glass is broken, motion-detecting cameras, and sensors on any second floor window.

One Indian Hill resident is updating her alarm system this week.

"They're coming with a new piece of equipment, so it needed to be updated. So yes, we tried to stay on top of it," said Molly Vollmer.

She's aware of the uptick in break-ins and she has even seen some of the suspects vehicles.

"Some of these darker windy roads. I've seen them [and] been behind them so I know they're here," Vollmer said.

Police said the incidents haven't been violent since most of them have happened when residents aren't home.

So far, no one's been arrested.

As for this being an international crime ring, Schmidtgoessling couldn't tell us how the group is getting into the U.S.

You can stop by the Amberley Village Police Department to get an AV sticker for your car to show residency.

The department is also offering free security checks for your home.

In addition to Amberley Village, these crimes have been linked to Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Montgomery, and Anderson Township.

If you see anything that could help the police, call Crime Stoppers at (513)-352-3040.

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