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Knife-wielding man tries to enter homes in Pasadena, CA

Residents in one Pasadena neighborhood are on alert after a knife-wielding man attempted to enter several homes.

The suspect was apparently seen at three locations in the 1600 to 1800 blocks of Corson Street, Pasadena Police Department Lt. Sean Dawkins said.

The first report regarding the prowler was made just after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dawkins said.

Investigators said the prowler managed to make it into the back yards of two locations, with a Ring camera recording him outside at least one of those homes.

The video, shared with KTLA by Laurel Phelan, showed a man walking up to the front porch carrying what appears to be a knife and a shoe in his right hand.

The prowler begins rubbing the knife against the shoe, as if to sharpen it, and then opens the screen to check if the front door is locked.

Unable to get into the home he sits down on a patio chair and waves to the surveillance camera before leaving the shoe on the porch and walking away.

A second video shows the suspect in the backyard, where he removes a screen and appears to try to enter a window.

Once again unable to make entry into the home, the prowler slams his knife into a tree. He then removes his sweatshirt, pulls the knife out of the tree and leaves the yard.

No assaults or injuries have were reported in any of the incidents.


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