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Securing Your Sanctuary: Tips to Protect Your Home in the Face of Recent Orange County Break-Ins

Newport Patrol Car
Newport Patrol Car

In the wake of recent home burglaries in the Corona del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach, residents are urged to take proactive measures to secure their homes. The Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) is investigating two incidents where homes were targeted, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance and security. As panic room builders, we understand the importance of creating a safe haven within your home. In this blog post, we'll discuss valuable tips and precautions to enhance the security of your residence.

  1. Assess Your Entry Points:

  2. Invest in Home Security Systems: In today's technologically advanced world, investing in a robust home security system is crucial. Install security cameras at strategic locations to monitor the surroundings. Choose a system that offers remote access, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even when you're away. Motion sensors and alarms can also act as effective deterrents.

  3. Illuminate Your Property: Adequate outdoor lighting is a simple yet effective way to deter potential intruders. Well-lit exteriors make it more challenging for burglars to approach your home unnoticed. Consider installing motion-activated lights around your property to enhance security during the night.

  4. Secure Valuables in a Panic Room: As panic room builders, we understand the importance of having a secure space within your home. Designate a room as a panic room and fortify it with reinforced doors and walls. Use this space to store valuable items, important documents, and emergency supplies. A panic room can serve as a last line of defense in case of a break-in.

  5. Neighborhood Watch and Communication: Foster a sense of community by participating in or establishing a neighborhood watch program. Maintain open communication with your neighbors, especially when you know they are away. If you observe any suspicious activity, promptly report it to the local authorities.

  6. Stay Informed: Stay updated on local news and security alerts. The NBPD released a home security inspection checklist that can guide you in assessing and improving your home's security. Regularly review and update your security measures based on the latest recommendations.

Securing your home goes beyond just locks and alarms; it's about creating a fortress that ensures the safety of your loved ones and possessions. By implementing these tips and staying vigilant, you can fortify your residence against potential threats. As panic room builders, our commitment is to help you create a sanctuary within your home, providing peace of mind in an uncertain world.


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