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How Does Remote Guarding Compare to CCTV, Alarm Monitoring, Video Surveillance or Physical Guards

Edgeworth’s Remote Guarding is a new way of thinking about security and because of its novel approach to combining cameras, technology and monitoring. It’s only natural for clients to compare Remote Guarding to more traditional and known security solutions like CCTV, video surveillance, burglar alarms and on-site security guards.

So how does Remote Guarding stack up against CCTV, video surveillance, burglar alarms and on-site security guards? When comparing strengths and features, Remote Guarding provides the most comprehensive and robust range of security coverage.

CCTV vs Remote Guarding

With CCTV recording alone, the footage is often low resolution and in the event an incident is caught on video, manual post-event video analysis is time-consuming. Most importantly, with CCTV, this evidence doesn’t prevent incidents, only captures them after crimes have been committed.

With Edgeworth’s Remote Guard, our cutting-edge combination of A.I. technology and Live Agents goes beyond CCTV, proactively deterring crime in the moment. Our high definition cameras utilize smart technology which alerts our highly trained agents at our U.S. based Monitoring Center to any suspicious activity on your property—so rather than reviewing footage of crimes that have happened, Remote Guard stops them in real time.

Alarm Monitoring (Burglar alarms) vs Remote Guarding

With traditional burglar alarms, your alarm response may be unconnected to verified video footage – leaving you open to frequent false alarms. Additionally, unvetted alarms may not qualify for rapid law enforcement response and it is often difficult to inform alarm companies of a dangerous situation when in an emergency or under duress.

Alarm monitoring has limited efficacy compared to Remote Guard’s customized approach to security. Our seamless integrations of artificial intelligence and live human monitoring allows us to eliminate false alarms as all incidents are reviewed by our highly trained agents who vet the security threat level of every incident – allowing for exceptional alarm fidelity. In the event of an actual high level security threat, our agents immediately employ Voice Down live communication to directly engage the suspect on 110bd speakers. To date, Voice Down has a 93% deterrence rate of trespassers and in the rare occasions suspects are not deterred, the agent managing the incident immediately contacts local law enforcement to handle the situation at your behest – keeping you safe and ensuring decreased response time from law enforcement. When law enforcement has been deployed, our clients have seen a 99% apprehension rate of suspects.

Video Surveillance vs. Remote Guarding

With self-monitoring video surveillance, inefficient technology often creates false-alarm fatigue, which is not only disruptive but allows for situations where a real incident may go unchecked. Additionally, these systems have an inability to monitor, provide security response and act (by either calling law enforcement or self-arming) simultaneously.

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