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Thieves follow woman home from mall, steal $200K from Irvine home

Police in Irvine are searching for two men they say are responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff from a local home.

It happened back on Sept. 10, according to the Irvine Police Department. Police said the two suspects followed a woman home after she'd been shopping at a mall in another city, and had made "some expensive purchases."

The thieves then waited for that woman to leave her house again, before breaking in themselves. Once inside they made off with over $200,000 worth of property. Police released photos of the suspects and their cars Wednesday in an effort to try and track them down.

The vehicle of one of the suspects in a follow-home robbery in Irvine (Photo courtesy of Irvine Police Department via Facebook)

The photos of the suspects show two men — one in a black and white polo with a black baseball cap, and another in a white Puma T-shirt with a black baseball cap. Police said the men were driving an older Mazda CX-9 and a silver 2014 Mazda CX-5.

Anyone with information about the robbery was asked to email


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