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UK TV Presenter felt ‘violated’ after burglars raided boyfriend’s house

Davina McCall, UK TV Presenter says she felt ‘violated’ after burglars broke into her boyfriend’s London home and stole valuables from a safe.

The thugs raided the home of celebrity hairdresser Michael Douglas, 47, before the couple flew to Spain to film Davina’s new dating show, The Language of Love.

Davina told the Sun : “It is just feeling violated. Anyone who’s been burgled knows what that feels like. It makes you want to move out. I hate it. It’s a horrible feeling.”

Michael was not home during the burglary and has now installed CCTV to prevent a similar ordeal happening again.

He said: “It has got a motion detector and night vision. If anyone enters my house day or night, I get a ping on my phone.”

These brazen attacks on peoples privacy are happening more and more – It’s time to protect your loved ones and possessions

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