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Zoey Deutch’s LA House Robbed, Cash and Jewelry Worth $300k Stolen

Sadly, Zoey Deutch is not doing okay at the moment! Not long ago, the Not Okay actress’ Los Angeles residence got robbed by burglars. As per the reports of TMZ, Zoey came back to her home after work and she found a door smashed in.

The Hollywood actress also saw that her Los Angeles house was a mess. Keep reading further to learn each detail about the robbery that took place at Zoey Deutch’s LA home.

The Los Angeles Police Department has told TMZ, that earlier this month, Zoey Deutch reached her Los Angeles home and she discovered a door smashed in and her house was a mess.

The sources have told the media outlet that the culprit has stolen more than $300,000 in cash and jewelry. The interesting fact is it’s not one of those cases when the celeb was out on a vacation and the thieves got a chance to rob the house. She was in LA when the robbery happened, she was just out and about for a few hours.

As of this moment, the police authorities are still investigating the case, and they are going through the video footage of Zoey’s neighborhood to find out the real identity of the culprits. Up until now, no arrests have been made.


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