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One of Miami’s Safest Luxury Homes

One of the many difficulties faced by billionaires is the likelihood that someone might break into their luxury home – unfortunately, as fantastic as being rich might be, it does make you a target for crime. However many of the world’s richest know this and take steps to ensure their homes are as safe and secure as possible. What follows is a snapshot of the most secure properties in the world.

The above stunning property lies in the heart of Miami’s Indian Creek – a bay side village which has acquired a reputation as a haunt for the absurdly wealthy. The property is ideally placed for a marine enthusiast – it boasts a waterfront with ample room for all but the largest yacht. Not only does water surround the property, it runs through it as well, in a series of miniature canals, fountains and waterfalls – all flowing into the larger of the property’s two swimming pools.

The mansion was bought by a Russian billionaire in 2012 for $47 million dollars. The fee was a record for the county, which is no mean feat when you consider the neighbourhood’s roster of hedge-fund billionaires and CEOs.

At the rear of the lady’s changing room is a panic room whose power is supplied by its own, isolated generator – in case an intruder is resourceful enough to cut the power. Entrance is policed by a fingerprint-recognition system, while the room itself contains the control hub for an infra-red surveillance system with which the owner can view the entire grounds – even in the dead of night.


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