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Panic Rooms Essential for Reassurance

An in-home panic room can provide a great deal of comfort during a global pandemic and civil unrest – a sort of reassurance that, should worse ever really come to worst, you’ll have somewhere to safely reside and wait it all out. Thankfully, Panic Room Builders can retrofit your home with a secure space that’s hidden from intruders.

The Strand Home — $26 Million

Health means wealth, sure, but having a wellness-centric home doesn’t mean much if it’s without proper safety and security. This oceanfront home in Dana Point, Calif. has both. Built with eco-friendly materials that won’t emit harmful chemicals and gasses, the mansion also has more than 50 solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries, letting both you and your ride to get clean energy off-the-grid. The four-bed, five-bath has a secret, though: a hidden panic room that can double as a walk-in safe. Bulletproof and with custom cabinetry, ventilation and an emergency phone and dedicated security camera feed, it’s the ideal hideout in case of intruder or pandemic.


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