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RNC chase down 21-year-old man fleeing violent St. John's centre city home invasion

Police say the accused was trying to escape with items taken from the home; separate violent robbery at Avalon Mall

A 21-year-old man is facing a long list of charges today after the RNC responded to a call about Sunday evening that a man had entered a residence in the centre city area of St. John’s, attempting to injure occupants inside.

When officers arrived they saw the man running from the area with a number of items on him. Officers pursued and caught up with the suspect.

The accused is charged with break and entry, two counts of assault with a weapon, assault, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, carrying a concealed weapon, four counts of making threats, escape from custody, and breach of court orders.

Just a little earlier, in an unrelated arrest, a 28-year-old man was charged in connection with a robbery with violence that occurred at the Avalon Mall on March 19. That suspect had been evading arrest but was located Sunday evening in the centre city area and made the arrest.


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