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The Main Threats Facing High Net Worth Families Today

From computer hackers to Home Invasions, more money can mean more problems. The good news: You can do something about it.

Success and good fortune often accelerates the challenges facing high net worth families, whose affluence makes them more vulnerable to theft, kidnapping, cyber attacks and other threats. Thankfully, planning and expert advice can reduce their risk.

Here at Panic Room Builders, We have been in business for over 25 years protecting individuals and families from physical threats and keeping them safe within their homes and workplaces.

The following are the main threats faced today for High Net Worth Individuals and Families:

  1. Physical Security

2. Cyber Security

3. Kidnapping

4. Theft of Fine Art, Fine Wine, Jewelry, Cars

5. Civil Unrest

6. Weather Damage to Assets

Fortunately there are security plans and procedures you can put into place from installing Ballistic Doors and full Safe/Panic Rooms to simple changes in your behaviors and habits as these are generally what kidnappers or Home invaders study weeks before an attack.

We are proud to be recognized as the Industry leader in building Safe Rooms, Panic Rooms and simply stopping the bad guys from getting in….

For a complete and confidential Security survey of your home or workplace, call us today.


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