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Unlocking the Ultimate Outdoor Experience: Our Encounter with PrairieFire at MCON

At this year's MCON in Las Vegas, the Panic Room Builders team had the incredible opportunity to connect with PrairieFire, a revolutionary organization dedicated to creating the ultimate outdoor experience. Drawing inspiration from over 200 years of respected special operations and competitive shooting, PrairieFire stands out for its commitment to adventure, community building, and personalized training. In this blog post, we're excited to share the highlights of our meeting with PrairieFire and showcase the exceptional experiences they offer.

PrairieFire's Vision

PrairieFire's vision is grounded in a passion for adventure and the desire to build a community where individuals can connect, learn, grow, adapt, and most importantly, have fun. Their unique approach, known as the PrairieFire Method, provides unparalleled training tailored to individual needs and goals, catering to both beginners and experts alike. With a diverse range of experiences, PrairieFire is on a mission to invest in each guest, leaving them a better version of themselves.

Unique Experiences Tailored for Adventure

PrairieFire takes pride in offering experiences that are unlike anything else in the shooting and outdoor worlds. Here are some of the unique adventures they have crafted:

Gunslinger Canyon

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic feel of the wild west with the adrenaline-pumping "Gunslinger Canyon." This exclusive PrairieFire experience challenges sharpshooters and novices alike as they navigate a real-life desert canyon, making split-second decisions and testing their instincts.

1-Mile Shot

For those seeking the ultimate challenge, PrairieFire's "1-Mile Shot" experience pushes the boundaries of long-range shooting. Led by an elite Long Shot World Champion, participants receive expert guidance through a 4-hour training session culminating in the thrilling 1-mile shot. The package includes video documentation of the entire experience, and hitting the 36"x36" plate earns participants the coveted 1-mile challenge coin.

Run the Tables Sporting Clay Circuit

Designed by trap legend Corey Howell, this 18-station circuit tests reflexes in the most exciting and challenging clays experience. Seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape, the circuit surprises and delights participants at every turn, making it the perfect excursion for adventure-seeking groups.


For an introduction to trapshooting, PrairieFire offers the condensed and gamified "5-Stand" experience. With two 5-stand positions featuring a generous 15-trap array, shooters face 5 different targets presented from various placements within the breathtaking natural landscape.

Unlocking Skills: PrairieFire's Diverse Training Courses

Beyond the heart-pounding adventures, PrairieFire extends its commitment to skill development through a variety of specialized training courses. These courses cater to enthusiasts of all experience levels, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive learning journey. Let's explore the array of training programs offered by PrairieFire:

1. Pistol Courses:

PrairieFire offers Pistol Courses designed for participants of various experience levels, including Foundational, Developmental, and Advanced levels.

2. Carbine Courses:

PrairieFire provides Carbine Courses suitable for participants with varying levels of expertise, including Foundational, Developmental, and Advanced levels.

3. Rope and Rappel Course:

Conquer new heights with PrairieFire's Rope and Rappel Course.

4. Kid Safety Course


Our encounter with PrairieFire at MCON left us inspired and excited about the extraordinary experiences they offer. From Gunslinger Canyon to the 1-Mile Shot, PrairieFire's commitment to adventure and community building shines through. We encourage our Panic Room Builders community to explore PrairieFire's offerings and embark on a journey of personal growth, skill development, and unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Visit to learn more today!


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